Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Groot rides a bike in Laramie, WY

The girls are big Guardians of the Galaxy fans, and especially enjoyed seeing Groot ride a bike in a mural.
We made a quick trip to Laramie, Wyoming over the weekend. I lived there as a kid, and as an undergrad, and during both periods I recall it as being a great place to ride a bike. I'm happy to report that it has only gotten to be more bike friendly over time, with improvements to bike infrastructure and a blossoming bike culture.

For those of you unfamiliar with Laramie, a reasonable facsimile of it as a town may be that of the fictional town of Cicely, Alaska from the 1990s TV show Northern Exposure; a largely sleepy community that is at times quirky, with an occasional edge of sophistication. A recent development has been several public art projects in the downtown area, including some terrific murals and some highly functional and fun, locally produced bike racks that feature native animals and scenes.

An indicator of further change in advancement of bicycle support in the community was in a campaign sign for a local candidate. The sign featured a bike in place of Steamboat the bucking horse from the iconic symbol of Wyoming. For a sitting state representative, in a state where registered automobiles have historically outnumbered people, this is a bold statement.

Ride 'em cowbike! Best of luck to you, Rep. Charles Pelkey.

Thematically appropriate bike racks in this railroad town, and a wall growing food.

The ramp to the bike/ped bridge over the rail yard is a Laramie landmark. 

From the bridge, a wave to the engineer returns a horn blast, as it did when I was a kid.

Galloping antelope rendered in green steel sure beats a standard bike rack.

As does a blue moose.

The Pedal House bike shop has been a fixture in the Laramie bike community for more than a quarter century.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

First day of school, once again

2016: Sixth Grade
2015: Fifth Grade
2014: Fourth Grade
2013: Third Grade
2012: Second Grade
2011: First Grade
2010: Kindergarten
So far, so good, starting each first day of school by bike. She rode a different bike for each year except between second and third grades. Each of these bikes will experience renewed adoration as Lil Sis grows her way up the chain. Next year, I'll have two photos of this type to make.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Enjoying the waning days before school starts

Around here, school inexplicably starts in mid August. Even though this has been the case for us for several years now, I still can't help but feel as though the last couple of weeks before Labor Day are wrongly annexed into the school year.

We can't do much about it but enjoy the time we have left. There's no better way than to get acquainted with some newly handed-down bikes. Lil Sis is the new rider of an Electra Hawaii that Big Sis once enjoyed. Big Sis helped me refurbish a cool old 1994 Kona Hahanna slated for school commuting duty.

It's always great to see them learn and master the nuances of new bikes, and incorporate their experiences into a library of skills they'll have forever.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lael Wilcox won the 2016 Trans Am Bike Race!

Screenshot from Trackleaders.com
In a truly amazing effort, Lael Wilcox has just won the 2016 Trans Am Bike Race, becoming the first racer to cross the finish line. She rode 4,270 miles from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia in 18 days and 10 minutes. Terrific job, Lael. Congratulations to you and Nick both. Cheers from your fan club here in suburban Colorado.

Get more info on Nicholas Carman's blog Gypsy by Trade.

Lael when we met up with her during her record-breaking Tour Divide race last year.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Reptile encounter

I initially perceived it as a stick and rolled right past, luckily just missing riding over the head of a big bull snake sunning itself in the middle of the trail.

Big Sis, following a little behind, saw what happened and was less than interested in making a close encounter. However, she was brave enough to provide a cautious smile and pose for scale. The snake was approximately as long as the girl is tall, which is quite a big snake for our little corner of suburbia.

We later saw a small garter snake (alive), another small garter snake (dead), and a shedded garter snake skin, but none left quite the same impression. In all, it was a good ride and a pleasant Memorial Day.